Thank you Beloved for visiting my site. PastorLaurence.com
May i take this opportunity to point out some of the features that may prove beneficial for you to use if you minister the Word of God. There are several Sermons on MP3 that you can download. Also to accompany those MP3 Sermons are written PDF Format word for word that can also be downloaded completely free. Please use them for God’s benefit, Alter them to suit yourself as you Preach His most wonderful Word

Prayer  I believe in the power of prayer. There are a million and one reasons to pray.
Everyone needs prayer. I believe that God loves us so much that His ear is always listening.

I have written several books that i offer and pray that you purchase them.
They are not expensive nor ever will be. It is more important to me that they expand your knowledge of God’s Holy Book the BIBLE.

But please do check the link that says Books. The finance that comes from your purchase i sow back into God’s Kingdom. Helping the widows, Orphans, Poor, and many more needs.

Pastor Laurence