Changing the water to wine?
He changed it into Grape Juice not alcoholic Wine.
Joseph was a typified Christ and you can tell by his interpretation of the Dream when he told the Kings butler that he saw him crushing the grapes into the king’s cup.  At the Lord’s table the same thing, crushed Grapes.  He said i will no longer drink the fruit of the vine Matthew Ch 26v29.  You are accusing Jesus of taking Drugs, for alcohol is a drug. And it is destroying Marriages, Homes, Children, Putting people in Prison and Accidents with lives killed. Jesus was sinless from birth to the cross. If He had ever defiled His body He could not have died sineless. You are saying Jesus provided Alcohol to the wedding guests to get drunk, sick the next day, hung over, a friend falls out with a friend or a man beats his wife because Jesus provided them with alcohol. Wise Up. That was not my Jesus.
No drunkard will enter the kingdom of heaven.
A thousand drinks of wine doesn’t make a drunkard. It is the first one. Jesus never gave them alcohol. The main cause for a bad chest with damaged lungs is caused by taking the first Cigarette.
Millions attending Gamblers Anonymous because of the first Bet. Alcoholics anonymous is crowded with men and women because of their first bottle of alcoholic wine. Come On.
We are not referring to Samson, David or Paul. We are talking about Jesus He would never have put Himself in that position.
If Jesus had a headache, He couldn’t have taken an Aspirin. = Drug
You my friend are suggesting to people it is OK drink alcohol.
You might be wonder about Paul when he said.Take a little wine for your stomach’s sake. Paul never meant Alcohol either.
Real Alcoholic wine will upset your stomach and burn it.
Alcohol causes indigestion, a burning sensation in ones stomach.
Paul was referring to the removal of wind and cramps.
Hot Grape Juice.  Pastor Laurence.

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