To My Surprise

To My Surprise

After many years i never really knew weather there was a God or not.
I never really thought about Him. In a Pub or a Club, If the subject had come up as a debate.
I sorta sat on the fence. Yes i heard many deliberately say it was all nonsense and many never believed in the Devil either.

When i first put my trust in the Lord Away back in 24th July 1988.
I knew nothing about the Holy Book the Bible.
I never knew the first book was Genesis or the last book Revelation.
I never knew off David, Paul, Abraham or any of the Characters.
I never knew bible verses. In school we were taught the Lord’s Prayer
and the 23rd Psalm. But they were meaningless to me when i left school

However when i committed my life to Christ through an Assemblies Of God Pastor whose name was David Duncan. This pastor used to have a Open Air meeting at a seaside resort called Groomsport. Around 15 miles away.
He would fill the van with Amplifiers, Mics and Hymn Books.
We would sing and later Pastor David would preach his sermon.

But there was a part in between where each person would come up to the Mic and quote a scripture verse out loud. This made me uncomfortable and nervous. It was my first open air meeting and i didn’t know any scripture verses. The brothers and sisters were going up one at a time and it was soon coming to me. I broke out in a sweat and ran up to the Mic and shouted.
Get Ye Behind Me Satan.
Everyone laughed Including the Pastor they were in hysterics.

But To My Surprise
Around 15 Minutes later a man came to the group and approached Pastor Duncan to ask him who shouted Get Ye Behind Me Satan.
The Pastor pointed to me saying this was the man.
He came up to me and told me this.
I came down here to commit suicide.
I was going to throw myself off those rocks into the sea. I had an awful row in my house last night and i just wanted to remove myself from my family. I was determined to

Then i heard your voice shouting Get Ye Behind Me Satan and it made me realise my thoughts was from him.  The man left and headed home. That was a surprise to me at my first
Open Air Meeting.
Thank you Lord for using me to shout those words and save a ban from hell
Pastor Laurence

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